b.stage + Blockchain: Preparing Creators for the Web3 Future


At bemyfriends, empowering creators is part of our DNA.


Our bespoke platform builder, b.stage, is the product of our years of experience helping K-pop artists and global brands unleash the power of their fandom. Each update to b.stage adds new ways for creators to harness that power, bringing us closer to realizing the promise of a future where creators control their platforms, and not the other way around.


Our industry has a word for that future: Web3. With Web3’s blockchain technology set to usher in a more democratic internet, b.stage’s latest updates empower creators to thrive on their own personal platform. The addition of social token, NFT and crypto wallet support to b.stage’s rich set of fandom-enhancing features offers creators the tools they need to build their own digital economy. Together, these enhancements will open up entirely new ways to monetize content, engage with fans, and build value.

Creators, are you ready for a world where your content’s success is determined not by its ability to cater to algorithms but by the value it offers? A world where social tokens and NFTs enable more meaningful interactions for both you and your fans? That’s the world we’re committed to creating for Web3, and it all starts with taking creative ownership to the next level.


What is Web3?



Before we dive into b.stage’s latest updates, let’s take a moment to understand this new era of the internet that we call Web3.


If you’re familiar with social tokens and NFTs, you’re likely familiar with the term Web3 (or Web 3.0). Coined in 2014 by the co-founder of the Ethereum cryptocurrency, Gavin Wood, in a post on his personal blog, Web3 is essentially a decentralized version of the internet based on blockchain technology. Whereas with the current version of the internet (Web2), access to information and services is controlled by tech giants like Amazon, Facebook and Google, Web3 shifts the balance of power away from Big Tech and into the hands of the people.


Data privacy and security are two of the biggest issues facing the internet today, and two areas that Web3 will directly address. As things stand now, in Web2, platforms like Facebook and YouTube can collect and monetize users’ data without their permission. In a Web3 world, however, users’ data will be stored in their crypto wallet, which safeguards their identity and lets them take their data with them when they log off. Therein lies a key difference between Web2 and Web3, and perhaps the greatest benefit Web3 offers content creators: ownership.


With b.stage, creators already enjoyed full ownership of their platform’s data and activities. Adding support for social tokens, crypto wallets and NFTs strengthens creators’ ownership of their content and community by placing them in charge of their own fandom-powered token economy. Let’s examine how creators can use b.stage’s latest updates to start reaping the true benefits of Web3.



Bridging the gap between Web2 and Web3

and allowing creators to authenticate memberships via social tokens and NFTs, b.stage’s newest features maximize convenience while opening up more ways to share exclusive content and benefits.

Using these future-focused functions and b.stage’s fandom-amplifying features, creators can officially transition their community from Web2 to the bold new world that is Web3.  



Seamless crypto wallet support


Much like how websites may allow users to sign in via their social media accounts, now, those who visit your b.stage-powered platform will have the option to sign up (or sign in) using their crypto wallet address.


At launch, the function supports crypto wallets based on the Ethereum and Klaytn blockchains, including MetaMask, Klutch and Kaikas. In addition to ensuring a quick and secure login experience, b.stage’s crypto wallet support lays the foundation for creators to offer fans a wide range of digital rewards like social tokens and NFTs. (Support for digital rewards coming soon.)


How to add support for crypto wallet logins

  1. Sign in to b.stage
  2. From the b.stage dashboard, click on Settings
  3. Click on Sign Up Items
  4. Under Easy Sign In Settings, click Add
  5. Select the crypto wallet you’d like your platform to support
  6. Follow prompts to connect




More ways to build community


b.stage’s support for NFT and social token authentication adds new layers of value and community to creators’ memberships.


Now, b.stage owners who make and sell their own NFTs on marketplaces like OpenSea – or issue their own tokens with solutions like Fanto – can create membership groups just for fans who own their digital assets. Once fans authenticate those assets, proving that they possess the specific type and number of social tokens or NFTs required for membership, they can be granted access to the group and its exclusive benefits.


Recently, creators have relied on messaging apps like Discord and Slack to build exclusive spaces to interact with their biggest fans. Now, with b.stage’s support for social token and NFT-verified memberships, creators won’t have to rely on third-party apps to offer fans the VIP treatment. Instead, they can create their own VIP experience using the same platform that houses all their content and merchandise.


When used properly, social token and NFT-verified memberships can help creators foster greater loyalty and engagement among fans, and even lead to more revenue. As a creator grows, the value of their social tokens and NFTs (and their accompanying memberships) can steadily increase. That increase in value can translate to more profits each time a fan sells their assets and membership to someone else.


How to set up social token / NFT-verified memberships


  1. After setting up your platform’s shop, sign in to b.stage and go to Products > Membership
  2. Click Add and enter membership details
  3. Under Levels/Benefits, choose Token/NFT Verification
  4. Name your membership level(s) and select a token/NFT verification method and network
  5. Enter a contract address and designate the minimum number of tokens or NFTs required for verification
  6. Choose your membership level’s benefits and add a description (optional)
  7. Choose how you’d like memberships to be displayed and sold and click Open Membership when done




The foundation for the future


In a Web3 world, when it comes to platforms, audience, and monetization, ownership is everything. This means that in order to thrive in the creator economy of the future, creators will need to become economies in and of themselves.


With features that lay the foundation for creators to build their own blockchain-powered token economy, b.stage’s latest update empowers creators to build more value, more community, and a more sustainable business. This, however, is just the beginning. Through new features and partnerships, bemyfriends will continue to update b.stage with the latest advancements in blockchain technology, strengthening creative ownership and accelerating creators’ transition to the Web3 future.



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